Rose’s Cronus bill passes Senate with 51-0 vote

‘Measure to bring 2000 construction and 250 permanent jobs heads to House’

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Thanks to legislation advanced by State Sen. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet), Cronus Chemicals fertilizer facility proposal cleared one major legislative hurdle on April 23.

“A massive collaborative effort has gone into this proposal. From TEDI Executive Director Brian Moody, local trades council leaders, Illinois DCEO, the Governor’s office to a bipartisan group of legislators, we are all cooperating for job growth,” Rose said. “Now we need House action to send this to the Governor’s desk.”

Senator Rose’s measure, Senate Bill 1147, will allow the Cronus Chemicals fertilizer plant to qualify as a high-impact agricultural business in Illinois in hopes of enticing the company to choose Illinois over Iowa.

Senator Rose has previously engaged Governor Pat Quinn’s office directly to push for efforts to land the company and the Governor, in response, personally called senior level execs at the company in the bid to land this project.

Rose stressed that the fertilizer to be produced by Cronus in Tuscola is not ammonia nitrate, which caused last week’s tragic explosion in Texas. The fertilizer to be produced is Urea, which is non-flammable.

SB 1147 unanimously passed the Illinois Senate and now awaits action by the House of Representatives.

Chapin Rose

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