Rose reaction to State of State Address

SPRINGFIELD, ILState Sen. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) offered the following comments after Governor Pat Quinn delivered his annual State of the State Address on Feb. 6.

“I was pleased to hear Governor Quinn discuss well-intended ethics reforms and I look forward to working with him on his proposals to clean up Illinois government. However, the Governor’s discussion was lacking on the jobs front. I was flabbergasted by the lack of real substance on improving the Illinois economic climate,” Rose said. “After touring all 10 counties in the 51st Senate District over the past two weeks, I have heard one message – ‘we need jobs – and in a big way.’ For Governor Quinn to assume that our economic climate is fine, defies logic as Illinois lags behind our bordering states and the nation as a whole when it comes to job creation.  I will continue to pushes for substantive and tangible regulatory reforms like real workers compensation reform in order to get Illinois back to work!”

In the photo: (State Rep. Bill Mitchell (R-Forsyth) is seated next to Senator Chapin Rose on the House of Representatives floor

Chapin Rose

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